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No Personal Guarantee

Our loans and collateral transfers require no personal guarantees, so you don't need to worry about leveraging or losing your personal assets when utilising this financial model. The finance agreement is with your business, not with you.

No Equity Demands

We, or our finance partners, will make no demands or link any conditions that we secure any equity in any of your projects. The ROI in your overall project is yours at the end of the project with you only having to repay the debt.

Fixed Interest Rates

The interest rate is set at the beginning of the term and you don’t commit to the credit line until after you have received and agreed the legal contracts. You have full oversight of the loan terms and obligations before signing.


A Collateral Transfer
In 3 Simple Steps

1. Identify what level of finance you require

You can easily press the “Get Started” button below or feel free to call us and share your capital requirement with one of our business team. Our business team will happily contact you once we have your application or take your enquiry over the phone.

2. Speak to a business person.

The first thing we do is listen and understand. We will happily take you through all of the details of how the finance could potentially work for you and together, explore if it's the right fit. Only if you are satisfied, would we submit your application to one of our panel of lenders.

3. Agree a delivery window for funds

Guiding you through the various stages of due diligence, project viability review, booking the collateral and credit line, issuing contracts and receiving funds – it’s all a process. Assuming your business and project meets the criteria along the way, we can help deliver your finance within 8 to 12 weeks from application.