Purely debt with no demand for equity
A way to fund ‘hard to finance’ projects
Only offered in EUR (Euros) or GBP (Great British Pounds) currency
Considered for any viable business project
A real alternative option outside tier one lenders and retail banks
A flexible way of financing significant projects
Suitable for new business ventures and entrepreneurs
No requirement to dilute existing shareholdings
A relatively quick and easy way to fund any viable project
The Collateral Provider is committed to the success of the project to enable the full repayment of the loan plus interest


A Bridging loan – normally recognised as short-term property-backed finance
Restrictive in who can apply for a collateral finance facility. Proof of funds are often sufficient
Available in any other currency except EUR or GBP
Just for the sophisticated investor as we recommend that your corporate lawyer checks over all contracts to provide best advice on suitability for your project
A process that is dependent on your company’s current performance
Dependent on an asset to debt ratio to secure a facility
A liquidation provider on your current asset base. Collateral is delivered by our provider for you to secure a loan
Designed to change rates at any stage after the funds have been allocated
A loan to you as an individual, but is secured by your company